The Malta Independent 15 November 2018, Thursday

PN demands investigation as individual says Metsola ‘deserves to be burned alive’

Sunday, 19 November 2017, 11:51 Last update: about 13 months ago

The Nationalist Party has condemned threats made against MEP Roberta Metsola and called for a police investigation.

A certain Emmanuel Navarro wrote: “All of you, especially you traitor (Metsola), do not only deserve condemnation but to be burned alive, demel (dung).”

Over the past few days the PN MEPs have again been called traitors after a European Parliament debate and resolution that called on the Malta police to investigate the Panama Papers revelations.


The PN expressed solidarity with the MEP and condemned the “unacceptable” behaviour.

It also called on the Police Commissioner to launch an investigation and take the person making the threats to court.

Fellow MEP David Casa wrote: “Solidarity with my colleague Roberta - with individuals now openly threatening to burn her alive. This is not on. Emmanuel Navarro should be arrested - threats such as this should NOT be taken lightly. When will we learn?”

In another post Casa said that when, in March of this year, his lawyers had written to the Police Commissioner after he had received death threats, the police did not even interview him, let alone launch an investigation.

In that particular instance an individual had threatened to hang Casa, also uploading a picture of a hangman’s rope.  


“This is what happens when the police commissioner fails to act,” Casa wrote. 

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