The Malta Independent 11 December 2018, Tuesday

Reuse and repair

Tuesday, 21 November 2017, 14:51 Last update: about 2 years ago

The students of St Francis School, Victoria are once again participating in the European Week for Waste Reduction through various activities.

This year the theme is Reuse and Repair - Give it a new life, and so activities are focused on collecting items which were going to end up in the bin, to give them "a new look" and use them once again.

Activities include making warm blankets out of unwanted cardigans and discarded wool - these will be donated to refugees and the homeless. A second activity will be to collect broken jewellery, mirrors, CDs, etc. to use them to create beautiful alternatives during craft lessons - tea candle holders, pencil holders, cards. These will be sold and the money collected donated to Puttinu Cares.


Another activity will be the setting up of a Repair Cafè so that people could bring their malfunctioning PCs or laptops to be fixed, discarded mobiles still in working condition to be reset and donated, clothes to be mended or to be arranged.

In the meantime students bring any toys or books they no longer want ‒ some books will be donated to public libraries and  toys to children in need, others will be swapped with other students' books and toys.

Finally students will have a clean-up activity on some beaches, collecting plastic bottles and other disposables which end up in the sea, doing so much harm to sea life.

These activities make our children, their families and all those we encounter during our activities, more aware of the importance of reducing waste in a bid to protect our environment.

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