The Malta Independent 21 October 2018, Sunday

Incitement to terrorism

Sunday, 26 November 2017, 07:13 Last update: about 12 months ago

Well done to the police for apprehending the person who threatened MEP Roberta Metsola with having her burnt alive. Hopefully, he will receive what he deserves.

What I absolutely cannot comprehend is how on 2 November, three weeks prior to this incident, a person incited an act of terrorism which, in my opinion, was very much worse than the threat to the MEP, as a very large number of civilians were concerned. He suggested that, as is happening frequently abroad, someone should drive a heavy vehicle on to the pavement and slaughter as many people as possible. He even stated that he would enjoy seeing all those people squashed on the road. On 4 November, my letter appeared in The Times urging the police to take the necessary steps against this piece of scum.


Literally, hundreds of comments appeared on Facebook deploring the fact that anyone could be so inhuman as to wish such a tragedy on his fellow countrymen. Two weeks went by and not a move on the part of the authorities. At long last, my letter was noticed by the terrorism squad and two police officers came to my home to question me about my letter to The Times. I gave them all the relevant details i.e. name, surname, nickname and even the photograph of the person concerned. I also showed them the great number of comments, some by well-known bloggers, about this matter.

They took photographs of the items on my iPad. They thanked me and promised to keep me informed. After several days had gone by, I contacted the officer concerned, who told me that these investigations take quite some time to sort out, and the difficulty is that the presumed culprit has deleted his presence from Facebook. It seems that this outrageous crime is going to be permanently shelved. Why?


Francis Formosa


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