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Motorsport: Camilleri Kyle wins Motocross, Micallef Farrugia triumphs in Autocross

Friday, 1 December 2017, 12:08 Last update: about 12 months ago

ASMK organized the second programme of the Honda Motocross National Championship 2017/2018 and on the same day there was the second race of the Autocross ASMK Pasta Poiatti Championship.

On this day, 45 competitors registered for these events. Yet the day started early as Holy Mass was celebrated by Fr Mark Mallia in the association's complex. This is celebrated in memory of former deceased ASMK members.

The sporting day began with Motocross racing in their qualifying rounds. Kyle Camilleri riding a KTM dominated his Class A while being followed by Stefan Dimech on a Honda motorcycle and by Paul Muscat on a KTM in third place.


During the qualification in class B, James Zahra on Sherco registered his best time ahead of Bernard Sammut on Beta.

In the Veterans qualifying runs Jethro Sant was the leader on his Yamaha followed by William Sant on a Honda.

During the Class A heat, the Camilleri brothers, Kyle and Clayton, both riding on KTM bikes, registered a win each. Clayton won the first heat while Kyle won the last; thus Kyle closed the day on the podium in first place and registered the second win of the season. Clayton followed his brother in second place. The Camilleri brothers were followed by Stefan Dimech on Honda and fourth placed finisher David Dimech, also on a Honda.

In Class B James Zahra continued to dominate by registering two wins of both heats and he too registered a second Class win of this season. Zahra was followed by Brandon Slowe on a Honda and by Arthur Micallef on a KTM.

In the Veterans Class, Paul Deguara was seen to dominate and despite he did not have won any of the two heats yet he won the highest points in Class on the day. Deguara was followed by William Sant on a Honda and third place finisher Jethro Sant on a Yamaha.

On the day, the Autocross cars were racing too. 21 competitors divided into two classes competed in the ASMK Pasta Poiatti National Autocross championship. Unfortunately the day was characterised by accidents to some cars being damaged or suffering mechanical failures. Two cars suffered considerable damage, but thanks to the security built in the cars and inspected by the association, no one was injured. Nevertheless the association still takes all precautions for the drivers involved are always observed by a medical team present on site.

Meanwhile in the Modified class the Peugeot 106 driven by Jean Pual Grech was first on race final list of Class A. Gordon Johnson on Opel Corsa, Ryan Scerri on a Opel Corsa, the Volkswagen Polo of Vince Farrugia, Noel Zammit on his Fiat Punto and the Vauxhall Nova of Andrew Pisani made it to the final A race.

For Class B, the qualifiers were Karl Micallef on a Ford Fiesta, Keith Borg on a Vauxhall Nova, Ryan Scicluna and Theo Micallef on a Ford Fiesta, the Vauxhall Nova of Richard Spiteri and Jonathan Camilleri on his Opel Corsa.

With the start of this final, Camilleri took the lead by the first corner and was followed by Scicluna and Theo Micallef. Up to the first five laps we had no overtaking until when on the sixth lap Camilleri experienced problems with his car.

Karl Micallef took the opportunity to take the lead. But soon after, Micallef passed by Camilleri an incident took place between Camilleri and Theo Micallef which resulted in both cars ending overturned on the track. The race was red flagged as a precaution and to assist the drivers involved. This race final resulted with Karl Micallef emerging winner followed by Scicluna and Spiteri. Borg finished in fourth place.

In the Standard Clas,s the race start line was composed by Deane Farrugia on a Citroen AX, Kyle Agius on a Renault 5, Joseph Spiteri on his Opel Corsa, Nicovich Chircop and Quinn Camilleri both on a Peugeot 106 and the Ford Fiesta of Chris Formosa.

At the start, Farrugia took the lead followed by Agius and Chircop. The attention turned over to the last two cars where Chircop passed Agius who suffered a blown tyre following the overtaking overturned his car. Once again the race had to be stopped for safety reasons.

Farrugia won this race final ahead of Chircop. Camilleri won third place and Spiteri was fourth.

The Management Committee of ASMK decided to postpone the race final to another day to be announced soon. Meanwhile, the third Autocross event is scheduled to be held tomorrow at noon.

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