The Malta Independent 22 October 2018, Monday

PD wants implementation of plan to create national park in the south

Wednesday, 3 January 2018, 10:14 Last update: about 11 months ago

Partit Demokratiku said today it believes that the moment has come to once again push for the implementation of the plan to create a national park along the coastal and rural area bordering Xgħajra, Zabbar and Marsascala. This park was proposed in 2015 by the government, and planning for this Park tal-Inwadar was at an advanced stage before it was seemingly abandoned.

30,000 m² of government land, currently within the development zone, would be protected as part of this ambitious vision for a natural park which borders Zonqor Point. Species of high conservation value would additionally be guarded by this park, such as the very rare Iceplant. The area is also one of cultural, heritage and archaeological value, with megalithic remains, chapels, towers and historic military features.


The Prime Minister had publically announced this park concurrently with the AUM Zonqor point project. The Partit Demokratiku calls on the government to honour its promise to the people of the south of Malta.

Partit Demokratiku calls for the creation of this park as part of a larger attempt to reclaim and protect Malta's natural, cultural and historic patrimony. While the Partit Demokratiku does agree with PN's call to protect Zonqor, PD’s concurrent Private Members' Bill would actually amend the Acts which regulate the Planning Authority and the ERA. This would legislate SPED’s direction in such a way that environmental and social sustainability for this legislature, and those still to come, will be guaranteed, and that all of Malta and Gozo’s ODZ interests and conservation needs will be safeguarded, including those of Zonqor. It is a holistic way to protect not only Zonqor Point, but the entire country. PD believes that the AUM campus at Zonqor should never be built, and that Zonqor Point should be incorporated into the Park tal-Inwadar.

Taking the case of Zonqor in isolation will be harmful, as it will sacrifice other areas - and the opportunity must not be lost to push for the implementation of Park tal-Inwadar.

The PD MPs have both been actively campaigning for Zonqor to be returned to the general public for years, the statement said.

PD again insists on a national master plan on urban development. This was presented as its Private Members Bill last August.

PD noted that Malta has reached a critical stage where we must take a genuine, holistic and strategic approach to planning and not allow for populist stunts that underline politics of convenience, and which damage attempts to achieve a holistic solution.



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