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Man jailed for making false declaration with immigration authorities

Monday, 5 February 2018, 16:00 Last update: about 13 months ago

A man from Srebrenica has been jailed for six months for making a false declaration to the immigration authorities.

Rade Radanovic was arrested at the airport on February 4th after lying to the authorities about how long he had been in Malta.

Police Inspector Frankie Sammut charged Radanovic with making a false statement to the police at the Malta International Airport and making a false declaration regarding matters related to immigration.


Josette Sultana, legal aid said the accused was pleading guilty as charged.

Assisted by a translator. The court explained he had a one time chance at law to retract his guilty plea

He confirmed his admission of guilt.

The court said it that it had no option but to find the accused guilty as charged. The inspector explained that the accused had refused to sign a receipt for his mobile phone which was seized by the police. Sultana argued that the accused simply did not understand the Maltese jurisdiction. "It was more of a misunderstanding, he thought the police needed a warrant," said the lawyer.

The prosecution recommended a custodial sentence, with defence counsel suggesting a minimal amount in the circumstances.

After the court's decision, the accused would be deported, added the inspector.

The court, having seen the charges proffered against the accused and noting that the accused had pleaded guilty despite the opportunity to retract his plea, found Radanovic guilty and after having seen the relevant articles of the criminal code and the Immigration Act, sentenced him to 6 months imprisonment, ordering his deportation after serving the sentence.

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