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INDEPTH: Board discussions are a farce; developers lead the country – Graffiti activist Andre Callus

Thursday, 26 April 2018, 16:00 Last update: about 10 months ago

Development board discussions are "a farce", and developers control the country, according to Moviment Graffiti activist Andre Callus.

He was being interviewed on INDEPTH by The Malta Independent Editor-in-Chief Rachel Attard.

Asked about the group's opposition to numerous projects, Callus clarified that the movement was not against government projects but could not understand why the government was selling public land to private individuals who would reap the rewards instead.


Mentioning the controversial sale of the ITS site in St Julian's to the db Group, which, he said was worth €200 million but was sold to the group for just €15 million, the activist added that there seemed to be one price for the public and a different price for the rich.

Callus spoke of the whole Paceville and St Julian's area being an issue, where the infrastructure is old, arguing that concrete, well planned master plans are needed before development. "Villa Rosa was approved without a Master plan," Callus said, "and soon, with the development of ITS, Pembroke is going to be another Paceville, with the boundary slowly merging." 

Callus said residents are angry with over development, which they fear present risks to their families.

"They are even suggesting that the concrete that will be used at the ITS site is produced on site, near to where these people live," he said.

"The anger is present but our next big challenge is mobilising this anger," Callus concluded.

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