The Malta Independent 26 April 2019, Friday

Sea slime spoils Santa Marija for beachgoers at Xghajra

Thursday, 16 August 2018, 10:59 Last update: about 9 months ago

The summer scourge of sea slime has reappeared along the coast of Xghajra, a horrible sight which also brought an intrusive stench to match, and this spoilt the day for beachgoers on Santa Marija day.

Over the past weeks, multiple images have been shared on social media by swimmers and environmentalists who have come face to face with the sludge.  Reports have been received of the slime being present across various shorelines, ranging from Marsascala to Kalkara and further up to Sliema and Pembroke.


Environment Minister Jose Herrera recently confirmed that the sea slime that has appeared on vast stretches of Maltese coasts is coming from fish farms, and he also said that steps will be taken if irregularities were committed by fish farm operators. 

The Maltese Federation for Aquaculture Producers recently said that booms have been installed in every cage used by fish farm operators who signed the agreement last week. The Federation also noted that regular inspections by sea and air are taking place so that the Federation will have a better understanding as to how the member operators are operating.

The operators who signed the agreement thus far are AJD Tuna Limited, Fish and Fish Limited, Malta Mariculture Limited and MFF Limited. 

Fish farm operator Mare Blu Tuna Farm Ltd says they are still reviewing and negotiating the self-regulation agreement made by fish farm operators on 1 August, stating that the agreement was forwarded to them at the last minute since they are not members of the Federation and thus not involved in drafting it.

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