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Noel Fabri: poet and librarian

Anthony Zarb Dimech Sunday, 9 September 2018, 11:00 Last update: about 9 months ago

There have been few poets who worked as librarians in Malta's cultural history. NOEL FABRI is one of these and a well-known figure in Mosta, being responsible for the Mosta Regional Library which was inaugurated in 1992.

Since then, this library has come a long way. It was expanded in 2000 when it was allocated a larger building. Today it is one of the busiest and most widely used lending libraries in Malta.

The first time I met Noel Fabri, I was instantly impressed by his personality. Over the course of our friendship, this was confirmed to me as I learned more about this Maltese poet and librarian. Some outstanding traits in this person are his humility, generosity and above all his sense of selflessness. Noel Fabri is also well known for his unique style in writing terse verse.


This interview explores his works and goes further in-depth to discover Noel's wealth of talent since then and in effect his love for literature and arts in general.

Noel Fabri was born on 17 December 1964. He began writing poetry in 1986. He has published three books of poetry - Wesgħat bla tarf (Open Spaces), 1997; Dawl u Dellijiet (Lights and Shadows), 1998 and Diwi fir-Riħ (Echoes in the Wind), 2002. He writes in Maltese, English and Italian.

He has published his poems in many anthologies of local literary societies. Fabri is interviewed regularly on local radio and TV stations. He has been awarded many prestigious awards, both locally and abroad - The Editor's Award, Maryland USA (1995) and Gold Medal and Diploma by the Centro Europeo Di Cultura (Rome 2000).

He is also a distinguished member of the International Society of Poets, Honorary Member of the Circolo San Giuseppe Filarmonika Sagra Familja, Kalkara, Honorary member of the Għaqda Filantropika Talent Mosti.


What and who inspired you most in your love for poetry and arts in general?

My elder brother, Alfred whose intellectual approach to culture has always been a source of inspiration for me all along.


What are your own favourite works?

Illum fhimt kollox ...(Lil ommi)

Today you've understood... (An elegy to my mother).

Lewn għajnejk (Lil Pauline)

The colour of your eyes, to Pauline (A dedication).


Who are your favourite foreign authors?

Rabrindranath Tagore (India's National Poet), Pablo Neruda, William Blake and of course Dante.


Have you ever considered writing a novel?

In spite of my penchant for poetry, I have often thought of writing a novel.


Any ambitions for the future?

Any future ambition will be welcome...


More about Noel Fabri...

"I am happily single but nevertheless I don't lack my share of female companionship..."

"Some of my regrets in life have been knowing persons I should have never known!"

"In my opinion personal happiness depends on enjoying life to the full, and being one's own self..."

"I particularly love classical music and my favourite composers are Monteverdi, Chopin, Bach, Handel and Donizzetti."

"I am also a very avid reader and hugely enjoy biographies or the odd good novel..."


Poems by Noel Fabri (Translated by Alfred Palma)

The colour of your eyes (for Pauline)

The colour of your eyes

is like a light and vast brown sea

so beautiful and strong.


The colour of your eyes

Your soul's and your youth's beauty

Evinces all along.


Today you've understood (to my mother)

Maybe you've never understood

All the tears you've shed...

Maybe you've never understood

All the sufferings you've been through..

But today

On coming face to face with your Creator,

Today you've fully understood...




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