The Malta Independent 17 July 2019, Wednesday

Updated (3): Delia calls for inquiry after PA flies in board member for db project decision

Tuesday, 25 September 2018, 18:38 Last update: about 11 months ago

The Planning Authority (PA) last Thursday brought a board member from abroad by private jet in order for her to be able to vote in the controversial db project on the land formerly occupied by ITS in pembroke.

A goverment spokesperson told The Malta Independent that "the PA took this decision without informing the goverment." He said that the goverment disagrees with the line of action taken by the PA. 

The Opposition Leader, Adrian Delia, has called for an inquiry to establish what led the PA to take such a step.


The board member is Jacqueline Gili, who represents the government and is also a director in the department of contracts in the Ministry of Finance.

A spokesperson from the PA told this newsroom that "the authority made arrangements to ensure that all members are present for this board sitting.  In view that Gili was abroad on a vacation, instead of requesting her to cancel her vacation and reimburse her family's holiday, the Planning Authority made the necessary arrangements for her to be present and then continue with her vacation with the family."

According to Newsbook, Gili boarded a private jet in Catania, arrived late to the meeting, then ran out of the meeting under the protection of private security hired by the (PA) to be flown back to Sicily on the same jet after the decision was taken.

The Planning Authority Board last Thursday has approved the highly controversial db Group ITS site planning application. The final vote was 10 in favour of the project, and four against.

The PA case officer had recommended that the project be approved, however eNGOs, as well as three local councils - Pembroke, St Julian's and Swieqi - and Opposition Leader Adrian Delia had all said they were against the project.  The project had received over 4,000 objections from the public.

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