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PN will not relent from protecting rule of law, democracy and freedom of expression - Delia

Wednesday, 7 November 2018, 19:50 Last update: about 7 months ago

The Nationalist Party will not relent from working to protect the rule of law, democracy and freedom of expression in the Maltese islands, Opposition Leader Adrian Delia said on Wednesday.

He was addressing the EPP Summit in Helsinki, Finland.

Delia spoke about Malta’s positive experience in the EU, which was thanks to the PN’s vision.  

This milestone granted the Maltese many benefits and advantages, including opportunities to study and work abroad. Tens of thousands of EU citizens live and work in Malta.


“I come to you here today with an appeal to protect that legacy,” Delia said.

“Fourteen years from accession to the European Union, Partit Nazzjonalista today is called upon to safeguard its achievements. Malta is at present facing a number of challenges questioning the government’s ability to implement the values which make us Maltese and Europeans.

He called on those present to work with the PN to strengthen the cause of  European values in Malta.

“Let us work together to stand as witnesses for the legacy of a European Malta that cannot be merely measured in terms of our GDP growth.”

Delia said the Maltese feel that Europe needs to be more present in the matters where it can make a real difference. Where solutions cannot come from one country alone. “Our management of migration flows is one of their topmost concerns. They cannot understand how Italy and Malta are two EU members and yet end up arguing about a vessel, a ship, a boat carrying people, men, women, children, human beings, fleeing war zones, escaping persecution, following a dream, seeking a new life, hoping.   This is not what solidarity should be about. We believe in a Europe that can concretely tackle the issue of migration in a collective and co-ordinated manner.”

Delia said younger Maltese people also want a Europe in sync with the rapid evolution of the world around us.

“Our political response to the internet, robotics, blockchain and AI need to be at the top of our agenda – this will change society as we know it. We need to think about employability, skills for all our generations and how this digital revolution will bring benefits to society. Preparation is key. We need to find how technology and tradition can co-exist.”

Delia said he believes that the EPP needs to stand for the virtues that one associates with great leadership – basic honesty, reliability, sound judgement, devotion to public interest and an underlying moral compass.

“It is ultimately about extending recognition to each and every individual. It is about really believing that every individual matter, that every individual has human dignity, that we are a caring society.”

“We want the upcoming European election campaign to be driven by political debate and be motivated in addressing people’s concerns and ensuring that it will be instrumental in achieving people’s aspirations.

People in Malta and elsewhere in Europe are understanding the synergetic power of the European People’s Party and we are and will continue to work hard to ensure good results in the next MEP election in Malta.”

He wished well to the two contenders for EPP candidate for European Commission President – Manfred Weber and Alexander Stubb.

“We look forward to co-operating and be part of this journey, the process which gives EU citizens a say in the appointment of the President of the European Commission. A President who cares about human stories and not only about statistics.  About persons not only about figures. A President who cares. Leading a Europe that cares.”

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