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Indepth: Certain PN members have ‘sense of entitlement’ - Robert Musumeci

INDEPTH online Friday, 9 November 2018, 13:21 Last update: about 8 months ago

Delia’s messages are not hitting home - Simon Mercieca

Former Nationalist Party mayor and government consultant Robert Musumeci believes that there is a select group of individuals within the PN "who have a certain sense of entitlement." A sensation which, he says, for the sake of the argument, might be attributed to the fact that they "grew up in the party."

This week's edition of Indepth tackled the internal power struggle taking place within the Nationalist Party, which has split the party into two opposing "factions" - one that sees Adrian Delia as the rightful leader of the party, and another that believes he is not fit for purpose.


The Malta Independent editor-in-chief Rachel Attard hosted a debate with senior university lecturer and The Malta Independent columnist Simon Mercieca, and architect and lawyer Robert Musumeci, both popular commentators on the local political scene.

A few days ago, on Facebook, Musumeci accused a group of "holier than thou" establishment Nationalists of blackmailing Delia, and grabbing onto his personal issues to keep on chipping away at his leadership because he is an "outsider".

Speaking during the programme, Musumeci said he backs Adrian Delia as an individual but cannot see himself voting for the Nationalist Party ever again.

Simon Mercieca, while making the distinction between policy and strategy, insisted that Delia's problem is that his speeches aren't hitting home because their focus is off-course.

"First he says that immigration is a problem, then he says that it is not. When you send contradictory messages, then they will not be received well."

"Whether you agree with him or not, why are Trump's messages being received well? They are successful because he is always clear in his message," Mercieca argued.

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