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New concepts show change in St Vincent de Paule development

Kevin Schembri Orland Friday, 9 November 2018, 10:55 Last update: about 6 months ago

New photomontages for St Vincent de Paule 500-bed development show a change in design from what was previously envisaged.

The images show a height reduction from one smaller building, and a height rise in the larger block.

The application was filed at the beginning of the year and the case is currently awaiting the case officer’s recommendation. The total site area is listed as being 17,000m2 + 6,000m2 and the current main existing use of the site is ‘agricultural’.


The project itself has been at the heart of a scandal. The Times of Malta had reported that a €274 million direct order was made regarding the still-to-be-built, 500-bed extension at St Vincent de Paul, and that Parliamentary Secretary Anthony Agius Decelis had said that the listing as a direct order was a mistake and that it should not have been printed under the direct order column of the Government Gazette. He said it was not a direct order.

The situation however, has continued to spark controversy.  Recently, Family Minister Michael Falzon did not give a copy of the contract to Parliament but agreed to allow the National Audit Office investigate, reports read.

(above) The 'old' verson with fewer storeys than the 'new' version (photo top)

(Below) - Two photos that show the 'old' version, again with fewer storeys than the "new" version

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