The Malta Independent 17 July 2019, Wednesday

Zammit Dimech’s proposals adopted as EP approves EU Whistleblowers law

Tuesday, 20 November 2018, 10:48 Last update: about 9 months ago

Nationalist MEP Francis Zammit Dimech said it is a must to protect persons who report breaches of law including corruption in public procurement and money laundering.

“This is in the public interest as money which can be invested in more health services and housing is currently being sieved to the very few,” he said.

“This law is also about ensuring environmental and safety standards and consumer protection. Today’s vote will give whistleblowers adequate protection and remedy bad practices in member states,” Zammit Dimech made said following a vote taken in the Committee on Legal Affairs on a EU-whistleblowing legislation which was adopted.


Zammit Dimech tabled amendments to ensure that persons who disclose information publicly qualify for protection where reporting persons have valid reasons to believe that there is collusion between the perpetrator of the breach and the competent authority or that evidence can be concealed and destroyed. These amendments were endorsed by various political groups.

Zammit Dimech reiterated that this legislation is also crucial for investigative journalists who at times serve as intermediaries or facilitators in the process. The law being proposed calls for such facilitators to be granted protection from retaliation. Earlier on the EBU (European Broadcasting Union), EFJ (the European Federation of Journalists), EMMA (European Magazine Media Association), ENPA (the European Newspaper Association) and NME (News Media Europe) also asked MEPs to ensure that the proposed directive on the protection of whistleblowers guarantees a robust protection for persons choosing to turn to the media to report unlawful or wrongful acts.


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