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Updated: PD asks Opposition Leader to suspend himself after Soho inquiry report, PN replies

Sunday, 2 December 2018, 13:43 Last update: about 7 months ago

Partit Demokratiku Leader Godfrey Farrugia has written to Opposition Leader Adrian Delia telling him to suspend himself after a newspaper report claiming that the police were investigating his links to a London-based prostitution racket.

Times of Malta said an intelligence report compiled by the Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit (FIAU) was handed to the police in March and which recommended a criminal investigation into the possible laundering of funds for the Maltese owners, one of whom Delia was the lawyer of, of two Soho brothels. 


“This morning’s newspapers report state that Minister Konrad Mizzi and Keith Schembri are already, or are expected to be, part of the criminal investigation into 17 Black, and that Adrian Delia is part of a different money laundering investigation by the police,” Farrugia said.

“We are the only party that tabled a motion of no confidence in Minister Konrad Mizzi. We reiterate our call that the Prime Minister is duty-bound to suspend Keith Schembri. The police investigations into the facts surrounding 17 Black should not be tainted with political interference.

“This morning, Hon. Marlene Farrugia and I, as members of Parliament representing Partit Demokratiku, have written to the Leader of the Opposition Hon Dr Adrian Delia to shoulder political responsibility and to suspend himself from the Constitutional role of Leader of the Opposition. We have always been and will remain in favour of clean politics and the highest standards in political life. Malta deserves better.”

In reply, the Nationalist Party said Farrugia is not credible when he speaks about corruption because he had publicly supported Konrad Mizzi. Farrugia had also publicly declared that he would vote in favour of Konrad Mizzi if the PN submitted a motion against the minister, and this when it has been proven that Mizzi had secret companies in Panama.

Farrugia's opportunism shows how wise the PN was to call off the coalition the previous PN administration had built with the PD.



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