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Cultural pass offers children chance to participate in interactive activities for free

Giulia Magri Monday, 3 December 2018, 15:39 Last update: about 7 months ago

The cultural pass launched by the government today aims to provide each student with a diverse cultural experience across different genres and styles.

At the launch, which fulfils a pledge made in the budget, Culture Minister Owen Bonnici stated that “the primary aim of this initiative is to provide all students will the opportunity to attend a cultural activity at least once a year.”

As done in previous years, the cultural pass initiative will give students the chance to participate in workshops curated by artists. Students have a choice of 38 productions to choose from, which will help young ones to begin to appreciate different forms of artistic expressions. Bonnici said that last year, only secondary students could benefit from free visits to Heritage Malta sites, but now this pass is being extended to primary school and kindergarten students.


The minister was speaking at St Benedict College Primary School in Mqabba where cultural director Mario Azzopardi organised a talent show involving children and local professionals. 

Numerous children took stage and either played an instrument or showcased their art pieces. All students enjoyed the talent show and encouraged one another.

Photos Alenka Falzon

Amongst the local professions were Teatru Malta and soprano Clare Ghigo who performed a piece by Clare Azzopardi. Also More or Less Theatre presented an educational performance on the life of Caravaggio, which led to many giggles among the students, proving that teaching history does not always have to be inside the classroom.

Adrian-Mario Gellel spoke about the Symbol Literacy Project, an initiative for children to observe and interpret historical art pieces in Maltese museums. Gellel said that many underestimate children’s capability of processing and understanding culture. The project is a means to educate outside the classroom and for students to develop their own sense of understanding and criticism. 

Bonnici said that through these means of cultural activities, Malta will be fostering a new generation who would explore their talents and cultural and artistic abilities in order to pursue a career path in culture and the arts. He highlights the importance of culture and art as being available for everyone and the impact that art has on one’s happiness.

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