The Malta Independent 22 May 2019, Wednesday

AD wants more ambition from government’s Sustainable Development Vision 2050

Tuesday, 4 December 2018, 10:33 Last update: about 7 months ago

Alternattiva Demokratika said today it recently submitted its views on the government’s Sustainable Development Vision 2050. Whilst the party is pleased that a long term vision is being sought, AD expects a more ambitious approach.

Alternattiva Demokratika spokesperson on energy, industry and transport and Secretary General Ralph Cassar said: “The overall approach in the vision could be a lot more forward looking. By 2050 the country should have moved to a net-zero carbon scenario. Instead of ‘reducing bottlenecks’ and working with gas (LNG) for our energy needs in 2050 the vision should have put the reduction of cars, rather than their conversion to other fuel sources and the transition from depending on LNG to being fully reliant on clean renewable energy as its aim. LNG is a transition fuel – from dirtier fossil fuels, to gas in a transition phase and to 100% renewable energy by 2050."


Ralph Cassar said: “We are also disappointed with how other sectors are mentioned. For example, the section on education focuses on providing people with educational opportunities, to improve their economic situation. Obviously we agree with better and effective access to education, however, we would also like to see all workers earning a living wage. All workers deserve a dignified and good quality of life.”

“The current government is unfortunately working against the principles of this vision. Government’s policies today go against the approach taken in the Sustainable Development Vision. Today government is widening roads, removing cycle lanes and dishing out ODZ permits like there’s no tomorrow, and yet at the same time the government publishes a document on sustainable development. What is the point of having such plans on paper, when the government doesn’t even attempt to follow through with them?” 

Ralph Cassar reiterated AD's policy of a zero-carbon Malta by 2050, and called on government to take decisive steps to achieve this aim which will improve the quality of life of all people living in Malta and Gozo.

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