The Malta Independent 27 May 2019, Monday

New website launched to help youths learn about requirements for their desired profession

Kevin Schembri Orland Wednesday, 5 December 2018, 12:17 Last update: about 7 months ago

The Education Ministry today launched a new website aimed at helping students discover what requirements their preferred career path requires, as well as helping them pick a career path.

The site – – was built with the help of the NGO Prisms.

The site contains an aptitude test which could help youths figure out what sector they might be interested in, and also includes information about career paths including videos by professionals in said industries explaining their work, and information relating to what subjects are needed to reach such posts. The website is available in both Maltese and English and is aimed at youths.


Education Minister Evarist Bartolo stressed the need for cooperation when it comes to such projects, and highlighted the challenges when it cones to the education sector. He said that as the years went on, one government builds on the other when it comes to this sector.

He stressed that when it comes to education, “our dreams and aspirations must be larger than our geographical size”.

He highlighted that educators must continue to work to reach all children, and that this website will be a tool in doing so.

Permanent Secretary Frank Fabri said that all the work undertaken by the ministry in this sector is based on the ten year education strategy launched back in 2014.

This is based on a number of aims, including reducing the number of early school leavers, which he said reduced by around 6% between 2016 and 2017, for youths to continue their education and  even undertake vocational subjects should they wish.

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