The Malta Independent 26 June 2019, Wednesday

‘Even one report of aggression a day is a report too many’, Minister says on MUT survey

Giulia Magri Friday, 11 January 2019, 13:07 Last update: about 7 months ago

Receiving one report of aggression in schools per day is one report too many, Education Minister Evarist Bartolo said today.

He was asked by The Malta Independent for his reaction to a survey carried out by the Malta Union of Teachers, which showed the extent of incidents of aggression in schools.

A survey carried by the Malta Union of Teachers shows that 87 per cent of teachers have said that they experienced aggression in schools where they worked, with 23 per cent going as far as to say they experienced aggression daily. The Minister pointed out that it is already very difficult being an educator, facing a lot of tensions in the classroom, facing children who come from different situations, backgrounds, and some children with disabilities. ‘We should do all we can to help them face these challenges and not allow at all any aggressive behaviour of violent behaviour.’


Bartolo said that in the new law of education sanctions will be harder especially for those who mistreat educators. He said that this year the Ministry will allocated €280,000 to start addressing security measures in schools, and to start having a security personnel who will filter the entrance of the schools. He also highlighted that the new website, which was launched earlier today at the new Edu-stop shop, will also have a portal where educators can report directly to the Ministry in cases of abuse or aggression. He explained that this puts pressure on the Ministry and important to take the necessary step to help these educators. ‘It is important to note that there is no tolerance forviolent or aggressive behaviour.’

The Ministry is ready to fully cooperate in the initiatives of the new services which MUT will be providing to educators. Bartolo said that education should not just focus on students; instead should be student and teacher centred education. ‘We cannot have the wellbeing of students if we do not have the wellbeing of educators, so we need to look after our educators in our own interest and also for the welfare of children.’ The Ministry also published a press release regarding the issue on their social media.


Launch of one-stop shop for educational services

The Minister was present alongside Principal Permanent Secretary Mario Cutajar at the launch of a one-stop shop for educational services to allow people to apply for support services, examination information and course applications. The stop-shop falls under the government’s website.

Bartolo highlighted the importance to create an excellent service to the public which is easy to use and quality service. Also that similar to one-stop-shop services have already been created for tax, finance and family-related services.

Principal Permanent Secretary Mario Cutajar said that €1 million had been invested in the service so as to ensure a high standard which is at par with other European countries. The Ministry continues to strive for a service of excellence, which makes it easier for the public to access and use.


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