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The Maltese Connection: The Bugibba strangler

Noel Grima Tuesday, 12 March 2019, 09:48 Last update: about 4 months ago

Peter K. Tyson. Can be obtained through and or kindle 2017. 210pp

Frustrated at the low murder rate in Iceland, Dora leaps at the opportunity to participate in a six-month job swap in Malta, as part of a new UNESCO cultural exchange programme.

Having vowed never to be separated from her again and not averse to some hot weather, former Inspector Morose tags along with the twins Elegy and Embalmer.

Dora is hoping to find herself a nice juicy murder in sun-drenched Malta which is conveniently situated at the cross-roads of international crime with its French, Libyan and Sicilian connections.


Soon she is helping her Maltese boss, Inspector Deboneo of the Maltese CID, an original but eccentric thinker, solve the murders of two single mature female tourists.

Will they be able to catch the Bugibba strangler before the serial killer destroys the Maltese tourist industry?

And has poor old Morose been left on the sidelines holding the babies?

This is the 37th book by the author, between academic studies and fiction.

This book is part of a series but can also be read on its own. There is first the Inspector Morose trilogy, then the Dora the Detective trilogy of which this book forms part. Next comes the Final Trilogy with two sequels to this book - The Spanish Connection and Murder on the Moselle.

It is a detective story with a black comedy twist. The Maltese scene is set mainly in Bugibba with its mainly British clientele and a Maltese outfit that services available single mature women. There are some red herrings along the way and the ending comes as a surprise, as should be the case in all mystery stories.

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