The Malta Independent 22 May 2019, Wednesday

Six migrants who absconded from Initial Reception Centre now back

Kevin Schembri Orland Thursday, 14 March 2019, 11:52 Last update: about 3 months ago

As of yesterday evening, a total of six of the migrants who had absconded from the Initial Reception Centre in Marsa Monday evening were back at the centre, the Home Affairs Ministry told The Malta Independent.

On Tuesday, a government statement was issued stating that 13 migrants had absconded from the centre the night prior. “As per policy they were being assessed for checks and medical clearance. Another two migrants ran away from the Office of the Refugee Commissioner when they were taken to apply for protection,” the statement had read. The police had been informed and a police report was filed on site.


This newsroom sent a number of questions to the Home Affairs Ministry, asking for details on whether the migrants were supervised at the time, how many were found, what security measures were in place and how they got around such measures, among other things.

The Home Affairs Ministry, in response, explained that the Initial Reception Centre (IRC) is not a detention centre but a centre where security is not considered to be high level. “Private security guards are in attendance to ensure good behaviour and to support the staff working at IRC. Up to now, 6 persons are back at the IRC.

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