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Magistrate already appointed on falsified documents case - Adrian Delia

Rebekah Cilia Sunday, 24 March 2019, 13:03 Last update: about 5 months ago

Opposition Leader, Adrian Delia on Sunday morning said that a magistrate had already been appointed on the investigation he demanded regarding the falsification of his signature by unknown persons, and an inquiry is already underway.

In a press conference, last Saturday, Delia said that he asked the commissioner to investigate documents on which his signature had been falsified. He also asked the police to see what links existed between these documents and the allegations that there exists a Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit (FIAU) report concerning him, which was leaked to the Times of Malta.


The newspaper said a report by the FIAU drafted in March 2018, concluded that sufficient information was available to conclude that Delia and his bank account in Jersey “may have been used for money laundering.”

Speaking at political rally in Mellieha on Sunday, Delia said that he put forward to the police commissioner “evidence in black and white” that his signature was falsified on public documents used for financial transactions.

He said the FIAU report was leaked only 48 hours after the announcement was made by Justice Minister, Owen Bonnici, that the Attorney General’s functions would be separated. Delia continued that the change was made after years of pressure by the opposition. He also pointed out that the Attorney General is the chairman of the FIAU.

Delia accused the government of spin to keep him quiet and that he was certain that the full truth would emerge.

Speaking about his visit to Brussels earlier in the week, Delia said that he personally brought up the issue of abortion, due to the fact that the government hid that European Socialist party, in its manifest, are pushing for abortion.

Delia said that the government “had already changed a number of laws.” He reiterated that the PN was absolutely against abortion and is in favour of life from conception to natural death.

He once again mentioned that this government has no long-term plan and that in the last four months the government has been operating in a deficit. “He did not tell us he is operating in a deficit,” Delia exclaimed.

He said that Malta is the only European country where wages did not effectively increase. The wages increased slightly, but the cost of living also increased, he explained.

Since the government does not have a long-term plan, what is going to happen now that we are in a deficit, Delia asked.

The only long-term plan that the government had was for those people surrounding it, and those that benefited from the Panama accounts. The government stole institutions, Delia said, adding that not enough changes were made from the recommendations of the Venice Commission report. He added that just solving the Attorney General problem was not enough.

Referring to an interview with former judge of the European Court of Human Rights, Giovanni Bonello with this newspaper, Delia pointed out issues with the judiciary. Bonello said that it would take 50 years to fix the situation in the courts, that this government created, Delia explained.

The Finance Minister had a public meeting with representatives of the European Commission where he was asked why the government was not fighting corruption and about the dubious independence of authorities, Delia mentioned.

Delia rhetorically questioned why this was asked to the Finance Minister and not the Justice Minister. He said it was because Malta’s bad reputation has consequences and that corruption has a price. “The price was not being paid by the government but by the people.”

Although the government was in surplus, resulting from selling our passports, it did not spend money on schools or transport system, Delia said. However, 480 person of trust were appointed, which is a recurrent expenditure.

This meant the daily expenses increased, Delia explained. Now that the government is in deficit, but the recurrent expenditure increased, problems are going to result, he pointed out.

Delia said that the government is not going to do anything about Malta’s situation so the only democratic tool left is the people’s vote. “You cannot trust anyone or anything except yourself and your conscious,” Delia said.

“One person only can change the direction of the country and that person is you,” Delia concluded to applause from the audience.

PLs reaction 

The Labour Party reacted, saying that, Adrian Delia ended up being a worse version than the previous PN leader, due to his politics of double standards. Whilst he is regressive and as negative as the previous leader, Delia is standing out for the fact that he has allegations over his head that he does not want investigate. All this when for every little reason he requests a resignation from others.

Delia should have requested an investigation on the allegations that he was involved in money laundering, that were made by people within his own party, the PL said. Yet again he did not request an investigation but instead asked for an investigation on how the information about him was released.

The irony is that in this morning’s event there were people who clapped for him, that asked for the resignation of the Prime Minister over falsified documents. The PN has no credibility left, the PL said. 

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