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Not much difference between integration and Malta’s EU accession, Alfred Sant says

Monday, 25 March 2019, 06:59 Last update: about 5 months ago

During Malta’s history along the centuries, the Maltese community always had a choice between building an autonomous national life or joining a larger entity. As a concept, in reality there is not much of a difference between Malta accession to the European Union and integration, Labour MEP Alfred Sant said.

During a discussion, Sant maintained that today Malta’s autonomy is seriously compromised, and almost all Maltese are happy with this. Despite the talk, there seems to exist today no walk in Malta in favour of national freedom.


Also part of the panel of speakers were historians Mark Camilleri and Prof. Henry Frendo. The event was organised to commemorate Freedom Day, and was entitled, ‘From Integration to Freedom Day: Continuation or Contradiction?’

Mr Camilleri held that Mintoff’s Integration and Independence projects represented Plan A and Plan B of the same scheme. Since the former failed, the latter kicked in. On the other hand, Prof. Frendo sustained that Mintoff’s main aim had been to guarantee a livelihood for the Maltese, and did whatever was expedient.

One suggestion from the floor upheld that both Integration and Independence aspired at one and the same thing: that Malta will not be dependent on Britain. Another advocated the idea that Mintoff never intended Integration to happen, and wanted it to fail, as he always aspired for Independence.

The discussion was organised by SKS Publishers and chaired by Dr Mark Montebello.


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