The Malta Independent 17 July 2019, Wednesday

Government is deceiving the people on St Paul’s Bay road resurfacing projects

Monday, 15 April 2019, 16:10 Last update: about 4 months ago

The PN has criticised the government over its handling of road resurfacing works in St Paul's Bay.

The government recently announced that resurfacing works on a number of roads in St Paul's Bay will take place.

"The government is giving the impression that they will pay for the roads which will be resurfaced in St Paul's Bay, when the truth is that it will be the local council who will finance these roads," the PN said.


PN MPs Robert Cutajar and Toni Bezzina said that Minister Borg intentionally did not make reference to official correspondence between the local council, Infrastructure Malta and his ministry.

The Opposition said that the correspondence shows that the council has, for over a year, been trying to give resurfacing work to a number of contractors, yet they were refusing to accept due to being employed on other work given by gov4ernment. The correspondence also shows, the Opposition said, that the government asked for over €1 million from the local council, when the government is giving the impression that Infrastructure Malta will finance the resurfacing.


PL reaction 

Reacting, the Labour Party said residents know that the government had to intervene after years of neglect by a Nationalist council.

It said that the council was dominated by fighting, resignations and internal strife between PN councillors, with the result that the council did not focus on the work that needed to be done.

While the government is focusing on national projects, it felt that these 17 residential roads could not wait.



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