02 September 2014


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 - Monday, 01 September 2014, 19:34

Three Bulgarians were conditionally discharged for three years today after they admitted to living a vagrant life and begging.Wheelchair-bound Ivan Borisov, 29, Genoveva Dineva, 30, and Kirana Ivan...

 - Monday, 01 September 2014, 18:22

Minister for Foreign Affairs George Vella today continued his visit to Moldova where he participated in a Ministerial Meeting of the Group for the European Action of Moldova together with other Eur...

 - Monday, 01 September 2014, 13:58

Cannabis found on Malta’s streets today is more potent than what was out there some years ago and the law should make no distinction between marijuana and other drugs, NGOs and government agencies ...

Update 1
 - Monday, 01 September 2014, 13:31

The 10-year-old boy who was allegedly defiled by a member of the Society of Christian Doctrine (MUSEUM) at Bahar ic-Caghaq last week started giving evidence in court this morning.

 - Monday, 01 September 2014, 13:24

A current research in collaboration with the University Of Malta will be investigating the use of alternative energy to generate the required temperature for winemaking. Parliamentary Secretary Rod...

 - Monday, 01 September 2014, 11:49

Discussions on a future restructuring of the Malta Council for Economic and Social Development are underway and the council is set to present its recommendations shortly, Social Dialogue Minister H...

 - Monday, 01 September 2014, 11:18

Matthew Gatt has been appointed Head of Office of the Leader of the Nationalist Party and Leader of the Opposition Simon Busuttil. This is a new role being created to support Dr Busuttil's recently...

 - Monday, 01 September 2014, 11:11

Total inbound tourist trips for July were estimated at 200,440, an increase of 9.7 per cent when compared to the corresponding month last year. Excluding the passengers who stayed overnight on boar...

 - Monday, 01 September 2014, 09:47

Scientists at the University of Portsmouth have found geological evidence that historic tsunami waves have swept over Malta’s north east coasts up to 20 metres above sea level in some places.

Showing 1 - 25 of 67,609 results