30 September 2014


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 - Tuesday, 30 September 2014, 11:22

There will be no Eurovision comeback for Ira Losco in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, despite speculations that she is contesting again. A week ago, the popular singer asked her fans on Facebo...

 - Tuesday, 30 September 2014, 08:30 , by Jacob Borg and Neil Camilleri in Brussels

Commissioner-designate Karmenu Vella struggled at times to answer certain questions during yesterday’s European Parliamentary grilling, but said this was all part of his “genuine” approach and comm...

 - Monday, 29 September 2014, 19:57

BirdLife Europe was categorical in its assessment of Commissioner-designate Karmenu Vella’s performance in today’s hearing: he has failed the hearing, and should be rejected by MEPs.

 - Monday, 29 September 2014, 19:52

The two largest political blocs in the European Parliament this evening reacted to Commissioner designate Karmenu Vella’s “grilling” performance.

 - Monday, 29 September 2014, 18:20

Trained professionals in the field of taxation are progressively in demand, especially in light of changes taking place within the Eurozone to ensure good fiscal governance, Finance Minister Edward...

 - Monday, 29 September 2014, 17:46

The government has welcomed the latest unemployment figures published by the National Statistics Office, noting how the number of registered unemployed has been falling by an average of 5 a day thi...

Update 1
 - Monday, 29 September 2014, 15:24

The first edition of the Valletta Shopping Festival is being held this week, 70 commercial outlets in the capital city joining forces to offer special discounts for shoppers.

 - Monday, 29 September 2014, 14:26 , by Jacob Borg and Neil Camilleri in Brussels. Video and pictures: Paul Jones.

Commissioner-designate Karmenu Vella said he took a "sincere" approach to today grilling by the European Parliament, in which he "did his best."

 - Monday, 29 September 2014, 14:17

Proceedings against Johan Stellingwerf, 33, continued in court today, as he stands accused of raping and defrauding a Maltese woman. He is pleading not guilty to the charges brought against him.

 - Monday, 29 September 2014, 13:10

The new Irish Ambassador, Padraig Mac Coscair, paid a courtesy call on the Speaker of the House of Representatives Anġlu Farrugia this morning.

Showing 1 - 25 of 70,885 results