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Anglu Farrugia receives death threats; Muscat, Gonzi condemn

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 - Wednesday, 06 February 2013, 12:46

by Keith Micallef

Update 2

Labour leader Joseph Muscat condemned death threats against former deputy leader Anglu Farrugia.

Dr Muscat made this statement during a news conference in Lija in which he was probed once again about Dr Farrugia’s interview to a Sunday newspaper. Though the Labour leader yet again refused to comment, he said that he wanted to take the opportunity to  condemn what had happened.

Later, during a visit to Mater Dei Hospital, Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi also condemned the death threats received by Dr Farrugia.

Contacted by The Malta Independent online, Dr Farrugia confirmed that he had received death threats. Asked whether such threats were made through anonymous letters or phone calls, the former deputy leader said that he did not want to comment any further.

Last December Dr Farrugia was forced to resign after openly questioning the ‘political motives’ of a magistrate in a case he had handled.  However in his interview the former Labour deputy leader claimed that he was made to resign for other reasons, accusing Dr Muscat of “political murder”.

Dr Farrugia also expressed his concern that the PL has become a harbouring ground for major contractors, questioning whether this might compromise its credentials as a workers’ party.




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Eddy Priviteera says:
07 February 2013 08:21

Martinelli: Jien jimpurtani minn dak li jghid Dr. Joseph Muscat. Lil Dr. Muscat tkun tista tikkritikah jekk jaghmel bhal ma kien jaghmel GFonziPN - KUNTRATTI LIL TAL-QALBA BISS !

Issa strieh, ghax qed tiehu tbaqbiqa kull darba li naghmel kumment jien !

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Carmel Louis Aquilina says:
06 February 2013 16:21

Edward Privitera, Roġer Mifsud,

l-istqarrija ta’ Anġlu Farruġia hija ħierġa minn qalb feruta bl-aktar mod baxx, krudili u malinn,

Dik il-ferita f’qalb Anġlu Farruġia tinsab f’qalb il-familjari maħbubin ta’ Anġlu, ħafna u ħafna nies Mostin u minn madwar Malta kollha!

Dak li Joseph Muscat ma staħax jagħmel hekk minn għajr l-ebda skuplu u mistħija lill-Anġlu Farruġia, mhux ser ikollu l-ebda skruplu u mistħija minnha l-kumplament tal-Maltin u l-Għawdxin!

U kull minn b’xi mod jipprova jhedded lill-Anġlu Farruġia, jagħmel hekk bl-iskop li jgħalaqlu ħalqu, biex il-verita ma toħroġ qatt!

L-interess li l-verita ma toħroġ qatt huwa ta’ minn ikun għamel l-azzjoni li weġġet dik-qalb!

Prositt Anġlu, Kuraġġ, għax d-dritt tiegħek huwa li tiddefendi l-unur rett tiegħek, tal-familja tiegħek, u ta’ għemilekk b’kull mod legali u ċivili!

U dan hu li jagħmlek raġel onest, Sinjuri Privitera u Mifsud!

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Eddy Priviteera says:
06 February 2013 18:44

Wiehed jifhem li AF ihossu mugugh, imma mexxej ta' partit ma jistax joqghod jiddeciedi skond kif se johodha l-individwu. Is-serjeta ta' mexxej titqies minn kemm  ikun kapaci jiehu id-deczzjonijiet iebsin, mhux dawk facli ! Xorta wahda Dr. Muscat rega qal li Dr. Farrugia, jekk irid, ghad jista jikkontribwixxi, kemm ghal-partit u kemm ghal-pajjiz.

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George Calleja says:
06 February 2013 12:36

The threats that Anglu Farrugia is receiving are all intended to shut his mouth and to stop divulging what is being orchestrated behind everyone's back at the PLs HQs. Farrugia has already stated on Sunday that he received death threats but Muscat failed to condemn these according to Roger Mifsud...'the former deputy leader is NOT WORTH THE ATTENTION' Very sympathetic indeed. No wonder all PL representatives are terrified to comment on such a barbaric decision by Muscat.

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Eddy Priviteera says:
06 February 2013 12:17

dr, Farrugia is WRONG to say that the PL should not accept to meet and discuss with business people, including contractors, who EMPLOY HUNDREDS IF NOT THOUSANDS of workers . Has Dr, Farrugia already forgotten what he used to say in his speeches, that the PL is an inclusive party and everybody who has our country's interest at heart, is welcome ?

For Dr. Farrugia to refer to the PL as if it is just a "workers party", proves that he had not understood anything about Dr. Muscat's movement. whick also proves that he certainly was a misfit , especially in the important position he occupied !

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GL Calleja says:
06 February 2013 16:11

Mr Priviteera this reminds me a lot of the sixties and seventies when bullies under the direction of a certain arrogant minister used to enter private homes and private businesses and ravage the place, not to mention threatening the people who do not agree with their leader, or maybe requisitioning (confiscating) empty private properties to accommodate their constituents. Remember those days Mr Priviteera. Don't blame Mr Farrugia for the way he is behaving. Joseph Muscat threw him of the bus to accommodate another. This incident has nothing to do with the statement Mr Farrugia made about a certain magistrate, far from it. It seems today we are a bit more sophisticated and instead of doing the things I mentioned above, we use electronic mail or snail mail to threaten those that oppose us..This makes three death threats towards politicians in in the last few weeks the other being meant at the AD, and don't forget the one against Franco Debono. Pathetic..

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Joe Martinelli says:
06 February 2013 23:17

Eddy, did you hear part of a conversation between Toni Zarb and an 'unknown' person during a meeting at the GWU with businessmen and in the presence of Joseph?

Did you know that Toni Zarb, (according to the recording) was suggesting that being close to the GWU, "meta jkun hemm offerti ghal xi kuntratt, intuk 'pushjatura'?

So much for zero tolerance. So much for making allegations of government corruption when the friends of the MLP are inferring that they have no scruples using corruption as a tool.

No 'pushjatura' if the NP is returned to power, but apparently not so if Labour gets in and Toni takes a new importance and influence in a Labour government. Then followed a promise that being an ally of GWU, there will be no adverse articles about one's business in the union's newspapers!!

Maybe that's why the LP is in favour of same sex (politics) marriage!

Mur inheba, Eddy, imisskom tisthu.

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Eddy Priviteera says:
06 February 2013 12:10

Whoever makes threats to ANYBODY is to be condemned ! Those who resort to such threats are usually COWARDS !

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GL Calleja says:
06 February 2013 15:49

Mr Piviteera doesn't this remind you  a lot of the sixties and early seventies? Instead of beating people up and ravaging into private properties and threatening people who do not agree with your leader,  today we do things at a more casual way through electronic threats. Dr Farrugia was thrown off the bus by Joseph Muscat and he has every right to be upset. But anything for the party right?

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Roger Mifsud says:
06 February 2013 11:17

Anyone threatening Anglu Farrugia is an idiot. The former deputy leader is not worth the attention. All he said was that Labour is close to business. So what? Labour is close to all classes of society, especially the underprivileged. Are employers to be despised? The PN is the party of big business, its officials get free yachting holidays, and its ministers free jet rides - who is bigger in Malta than Zaren Vassallo, who built the PN headquarters? And the PN has made him bigger than ever. He even had the audacity to create a traffic hazard in Rabat, until the furore he created caused its removal. Now he has been given the green light to threaten a big employer, Pavi. In the name of competition? - not really, but he has friends of friends, within the PN, and at MEPA. Pavi's employees have cause to worry now.

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Alfred Bugeja says:
06 February 2013 11:12

Clearly a case of crocodile tears.

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GL Calleja says:
06 February 2013 17:28

No Mr Bugeja, these are dirty politics and both sides are to blame. Lawrence Gonzi did the same thing but instead of throwing the man off the bus, he promoted him to a Mep position. Big difference don't you think?

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