The Malta Independent 16 May 2022, Monday

PL councillor now seeks full development permission for elderly home on ODZ land

A Labour Party local councillor is seeking to get full development permission for a planning application he filed to construct a home for the elderly on ODZ land in Naxxar. A spokesperson for the...

Malta placed disappointing 16th out of 18 countries in Eurovision semi-final

Malta only finished 16th out of 18 countries in its Eurovision semi-final last Thursday, the results published after Saturday night’s Grand Final show. Emma Muscat represented Malta with...

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Malta and neutrality: The story behind Malta’s main foreign policy pillar

Malta’s foreign policy in the modern era has come to be defined by one main pillar: neutrality. It’s a subject which crops up in the public discourse every time an international...

latest comment from MARIO CASSAR, 15/05/2022 22:46: An interesting read but which left many holes in the narrative. Mintoff was very conscious of Malta's defenceless state. One thing omitted from the article was, for instance, that Mintoff went behind the Brits' back to offer military facilities to the USA when we were still a colony. Another indication of Mintoff's desire to protect Malta militarily was when he (as described in the article) went looking for a 4-nation defence pact, something which was a dead duck in the water even before it started. The bottom line is that Mintoff ended up allowing Gaddafi's Libya to base helicopters in Malta, gave them the Teacher's college and a prime building right in front of our Parliament. Mintoff's calculations were truly bad from the start, so much so that the only nation allowed to base its military assets in Malta used force against the only oil rig Malta had to explore oil in our waters and ended up losing the case even in the international court of justice. 'found that 63% of Maltese strongly support Malta’s neutrality' This was a lame exercise by the now unelected Evarist Bartolo to try to convince us all that most Maltese are for neutrality. In any case, that was before Russia's invasion of Ukraine and things have changed dramatically since then. Even Finland was in favour of neutrality then, but today, as I write, Finland has just formally asked NATO to allow it to join the alliance. Sweden may follow suit and this shows that neutrality was never a good thing for Malta and even more so now, and I state why. 1. Our country is too small to be defended by its own people. 2. Being neutral has shown that it doesn't stop dictators from going to war on neutral or non-NATO countries. Finland suffered an invasion by Russia which took 10% of its landmass. 3. Had Ukraine been allowed to join NATO, Putin would not have even thought to attacking a NATO country. 4. The EU, whether we like it or not, only yesterday decided to give €500M in mil
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PN councillors are sick of people using party for their personal gain, Bernard Grech

PN leader Bernard Grech said on Sunday that many of his party’s councillors are sick of seeing people use the PN for their own personal gain.  During a telephone interview on NET TV,...

TMIS Editorial: Environment – we will believe it when we see it

The environment will be the main objective of this administration, President George Vella said in a speech he delivered on the day when Parliament convened for the first time since the...