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What Is Reiki?

Malta Independent Saturday, 26 November 2005, 00:00 Last update: about 7 years ago

It is an ancient art which stimulates energy in the body. Reiki comes from the Japanese word meaning “universal energy” or as therapist Ms Rosette Bonello from Marsascala says: “it is the force”.

We all have energy flowing in our body and the way to get to it is through Reiki – now becoming the fastest- growing therapy in the West.

The benefits are clear. The body heals itself from the inside physically, mentally and emotionally. That is why Reiki is most used for stressed people and for those who have great responsibility at home and at work. It is also used on a monthly basis for sports practitioners in order to replenish energy.

There are many different types of Reiki; like using crystals on the body’s seven chakra (energy points). This is used to balance the energy throughout the body. The therapist can also use stones instead of crystals. People experience different feelings with stones – some feel them getting hot, others feel them becoming cold and some start seeing colours – this is the way energy flows and therefore the therapist will balance this energy through his skill. During the session you will be very relaxed, but once up and ready to go you will

feel wide-awake and very strong again. During the session which lasts about 45 minutes to one hour, you can remain dressed. The reiki sessions will work wonders on you and the best is to try it three times and find out for yourself if you want to continue to have regular sessions which can be weekly or monthly depending on your needs. For further information you can either

visit or contact Ms Rosette



1 Just for today I will not worry.

2 Just for today I will not be angry.

3 Just for today I will live honestly

4 Just for today I will count my blessings

5 Just for today I will be kind to all living things

Gino Schiavone B.Ed (Hons) Pg.Dip (Greece)

Health And Fitness Consultant (Leeds)

Member of the European Health and Fitness

Association (Training Group)

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