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Police Dog Section Gets helping hand from HSBC

Malta Independent Wednesday, 27 December 2006, 00:00 Last update: about 11 years ago

The Malta Police Dog Section is being supported by HSBC Bank Malta plc, to the tune of a Lm5,000 sponsorship.

HSBC’s Chief Operating Officer Sally Robson, presented this donation to Assistant Commissioner Josie Brincat.

The sponsorship goes towards the strengthening of the Dog Section, additional training for dogs and further investments in dog handling exercises.

The Dog Section currently consists of 34 dogs, six of which are used for explosive and firearms detection. Another six dogs are used for detecting narcotic substances, while 10 dogs form a protection team. When the Malta Police Dog Section was founded way back in 1956, the section started off with just four German Shepherd dogs stationed with the CID team.

An additional five dogs are presently undergoing training. These will eventually replace old and retired dogs. The protection team makes use of German Shepherd dogs and Rotweillers while for the narcotics and explosive detection the Malta Police Dog Section uses German Shepherds, Labradors, Springer Spaniels, and a German Short Haired Pointer.

The unit is based at Fort Mosta, and employs 24 dog handlers under the supervision of a police sergeant.

“Through this donation, HSBC wants to recognise the arduous task being accomplished by the Malta Police Force Dog Section. Acquiring new dogs, training, and veterinary care need constant funding and resources. For us, this is an opportunity to contribute towards the protection and safety of the Maltese community,” said Mrs Robson.

“HSBC’s sponsorship will definitely assist the Malta Police Force in strengthening its Dog Section. Throughout history, dogs have always served mankind both as guardians and trusted companions. In today’s increasingly complex society, dogs continue to fulfil these roles, but to an extent they are more necessary than before for the benefit of our society,” said Assistant Commissioner Josie Brincat.

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