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Gay Pride March tonight

Malta Independent Friday, 6 July 2007, 00:00 Last update: about 9 years ago

As part of its Diversity Week, the Malta Gay Rights Movement is organising a Gay Pride march today, the LGBT film Festival at St James Cavalier, and a Women Space event at Golden Bay on Wednesday.

The theme chosen for this year’s Diversity Week organised by the Malta Gay Rights Movement is: Gay by Nature, Proud by Choice, Equal by Right. This sums up the Malta Gay Rights Movement’s struggle over the last five years. MGRM has consistently worked to raise awareness on the fact that being LGBT is not a choice but an essential part of who we are as persons.

“We have adopted a gay affirmative approach that values homosexuality, bisexuality and transsexuality on a par with heterosexuality. MGRM members have provided a public face for the LGBT community by participating in media events and showing that there is no shame to being LGBT. MGRM also continues to lobby for equal rights for LGBT individuals. We believe that equality matters and this can only be achieved when LGBT individuals have the same rights as heterosexuals,” the movement said in a statement yesterday.

The Pride March is the most important event of the year. It is an opportunity for the LGBT community to demonstrate in a visible manner that it is possible to be LGBT and proud of one’s identity, the statement continued.

The Gay Pride march will start at City Gate at 5.30pm tonight.

Women Space is an art and music event organised by MGRM and held annually at Golden Bay. It is a night wherein various female performers come together to celebrate women and all the bonds that hold them together. Women Space also provides a safe platform to raise awareness on the rights of women from sexual minorities. This year’s line-up includes solo artist Jenny Borg, literature recitals, Drag King Show, female band Venus Echoes, a fire show and Queer Quiz.

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