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King’s Own Band Club Earns HSBC’s support

Malta Independent Thursday, 31 July 2008, 00:00 Last update: about 9 years ago

Valletta’s 134-year-old King’s Own Band Club has earned HSBC’s support to upgrade its computing system to facilitate logistics and administrative work.

The band is considered to be part of Malta’s cultural heritage. In 1885, the Prince of Wales granted the band club his name and was thus called The Prince of Wales Band Club. When the Prince was crowned King of the British Empire in 1901, the committee made a formal request to have the band club renamed after the king.

The band club became officially known as the King’s Own Band Club.

“The band’s rich history and tradition give our members a proud sense of belonging,” said the recently elected president Ivan Grixti. “We thank HSBC for acknowledging our role in contributing to keep the Maltese band culture alive and helping us to keep up with the times to pass our heritage on to our future generations.”

King’s Own Band Club President Ivan Grixti (right) shows Central Area Director Alex Vella around the club’s heritage, including a 1946 silver trophy on a solid mahogany pedestal and a portrait of King Edward VII after whom the Band Club takes its name

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