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Marsaxlokk FC In no way involved in any corruption case in Maltese football – president Robert Micallef

Malta Independent Saturday, 22 August 2009, 00:00 Last update: about 9 years ago

Marsaxlokk FC president Robert Micallef is convinced that his club will not be found guilty in the current alleged corruption case being investigated by the MFA.

Addressing a news conference yesterday, Micallef said: “I, the club’s lawyer and the club’s secretary are the main witnesses in the case and we are all convinced that the club will be eventually acquitted of any wrongdoing. All we want is for the truth to come out from the investigation where some witnesses still have to be heard. But I can declare under oath that in no way is Marsaxlokk FC is involved in any corruption case in Maltese football.”

Micallef added that the sporting case is still ongoing. “We know that some persons still have to testify and before they do we expect no decision to be taken. All we want is for the truth to come out. As president of the club, I declare that we will not accept any injustice.”

Micallef was asked whether they were concerned about the fact that because a club official is involved, in the knowledge that MFA rules say that the club will then be held responsible and therefore liable to being sanctioned, the club president maintained his stance saying that his club was in no way involved in any wrongdoing.

Asked whether Marsaxlokk FC were concerned that if found guilty, they may be sanctioned by the MFA during the season – immediate relegation, heavy fine, loss of considerable number of points, or a combination of the three together – Micallef said the club was not at all concerned. “We believe that the club is innocent – we have always said so. This alleged corruption case did not even leave its mark on our players. We did not find it difficult to induce the new signings behind us to join the club. We admit, however, that we have lost some key players, but not because of the said case,” he told reporters.

Micallef also revealed that their stadium with a new artificial turf surface is to be inaugurated next January. “Thanks to MFA president Dr Joseph Mifsud, we will be inviting UEFA president Michel Platini to inaugurate the stadium after the UEFA Congress which is to be held in Malta,” said the Marsaxlokk FC president.

Earlier Micallef said the club was again being sponsored by Konika, K Shipping Agency, Eurosport and CM Gypsum. “We thank them wholeheartedly for their continued support. Without their aid it would be impossible to keep going,” he said.

Club coach Patrick Curmi said he has a squad of 20 players and went on to introduce the new players – foreigners Florin Raymy, Martin Deanov and Emile Yantchev and locals Roderick Bajada and Glenn Zammit.

Curmi said another foreign player, a Portuguese midfielder, is currently undergoing a trial with the club, but no decision has yet been taken on whether to retain his services as well.

Curmi added that the club was certain to have made the best replacements available after the loss of key players like Kevin Sammut and the three foreigners. “Our target is to finish among the top four, that is, a place in the European club competitions next season. We had a good pre-season, even if some results did not come our way in matches played. We are now looking forward to give the current champions Hibernians, a good run for their money on Sunday. I expect my team to have a comfortable run into the Top Six and then push forward for a top four place in the second part of the season,” he said.

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