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Party planned to celebrate government collapse, PL denies

Malta Independent Saturday, 8 December 2012, 18:29 Last update: about 9 years ago


The Labour Party has denied that it is planning to organise a party after Parliament votes on the budget on Monday.

It was referring to a story uploaded on this site, which story however did not say that the PL is organising such an event, only that one is to be held. The PL, in a terse statement, said that the “story is absolutely ridiculous. It is not true and only figment of the reporters' imagination.” 

This portal earlier this morning reported that a party is planned to take place to celebrate the collapse of the government, should the vote on the budget to be taken in Parliament, as expected, bring about the end of the legislature.

On Monday, Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi will reply to the Opposition Leader’s speech, following which a first crucial vote on the budget will be taken.

The Opposition has said it will be voting against and, if Nationalist MP Franco Debono maintains his stand and vote against the government and party of which he forms part, the vote will not make it through. Dr Gonzi has said that if the vote on the budget fails, Parliament will be dissolved and an election date set.

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