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Bishop Scicluna highlights ‘sore spots’ of sex abuse

Malta Independent Friday, 26 April 2013, 17:32 Last update: about 6 years ago

An editorial on the National Catholic reporter sings praises for Bishop Charles Scicluna’s handling of sex abuse cases in the church.

The editorial lauded Bishop Scicluna for “breaking the ecclesial logjam and beginning to move effectively against clergy who have abused children.”

Bishop Scicluna acted as the prosecutor handling sex abuse cases for the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith for 10 years until he was made a bishop last year.

Bishop Scicluna is quoted as saying that the "sore spots" in the church today are violations of the sixth and seventh commandments, sins against purity and theft.

 "We need to go back to the Gospel," he said, stressing that the new Pope has to continue the “purification work” of his predecessor.

Questioned on whether it was correct for an American Cardinal implicated in sex abuse to attend the Papal Conclave last month, Bishop Scicluna said that it was a matter of conscience for the Cardinal himself to decide

“We are all sinners. God will make their presence in the Conclave work for the good of the Church. We should avoid pointing the finger. Even the members of the first college of apostles did not all deserve to be canonised; there are treasures to be found in clay vessels. Human fragility becomes a spectacle for the world. We cannot hand out permits,” Bishop Scicluna said.

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