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Bank of Valletta supports Maltese Rock Opera ‘Gensna’

Malta Independent Sunday, 2 March 2014, 12:54 Last update: about 6 years ago

Fondazzjoni Celebrazzjoni Nazzjonali last week launched this year’s edition of the Maltese rock opera Gensna, which will be held on 22 March at the MFCC in Ta’ Qali.

Marc Muscat, head of FCN coordination team said that Gensna is part of the Foundation’s artistic programme consisting of 63 concerts, spectacles, seminars, installations of all sorts and other artistic and cultural expression. Mr Muscat described Gensna as “a timeless Maltese musical masterpiece”, which was written at a particular time in our history. Before the concert there will be the screening of the video about all four national anniversaries and the men who made them a reality.

BOV chairman John Cassar White said that the bank takes pride in sponsoring artistic events which help to safeguard Maltese heritage for future generations, and for serving as a platform for new performers to reinterpret this work.

Maestro Paul Abela, Gensna’s composer, said that when he wrote the rock opera he never thought that he would be here launching it again 35 years later. He added that the approach towards this edition was completely different from the past. Performed by today’s top singers and musicians who are involved in the creative process, new musical arrangements and visual graphics it will surely appeal to both the younger generation as well as Gensna’s original fans.
Paul Giordimaina, who was part of the original cast, said he is very excited to have Gensna live on through a new generation of singers. 

Errol Sammut, Airport Impressions’ frontman thanked the production team for the opportunity to be part of this edition, adding that it is a great honour to sing a historic piece of Maltese music.

Ivan Grech of Winter Moods remarked that as a boy he was one of the extras in the original production 35 years ago. He said that Gensna was “one of the best pieces of Maltese music ever written”. He also assured the public that he and all the singers are looking forward to giving the songs their own interpretation.

Singer Ira Losco said that music is a universal language and Gensna, in addition, talks about unity. She added that she’s very honoured that once again she’s part of the production with her other musical friends.

Producer David Borg explained that Gensna is the only work that refers to three of the national anniversaries being celebrated this year. EU accession obviously was still far off in the future when it was written. Mr Borg said it was a pleasure for him to announce that 10% of the ticket proceeds will be going toward the Malta Community Chest Fund.

When it was produced six years ago, Gensna ran for 13 performances, attracting an audience of 18,000. It is hoped that the current production will have the same sort of success. With an amazing line-up of singers including Ira Losco, Ivan Grech (Winter Moods), Errol (Airport Impressions), Tribali, Animae Gospel Choir, Daniel Cauchi (Big Band Brothers) Mikaela Attard, Claudia Faniello, Roger Tirazona, Mark Tonna, Georgina and George Curmi (il-Puse), among others, the current production will have the same success.

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