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Massive win for Labour; 53% PL, 40% PN, 3% AD; sixth seat still open

Malta Independent Sunday, 25 May 2014, 09:04 Last update: about 9 years ago

The waiting game is now over as the votes cast in the European Parliament elections held yesterday are now being put in the pigeon holes of the respective candidates.

No official results have been published as yet, but calculations made by the political parties have given clear indications of the general outcome.

The Labour Party is calculating a majority of 53% of votes, while the PN has obtained some 40%. The changes between the parties have remained more or less unchanged since the election held last year. Alternattiva Demokratika are expected to garner 3% of the votes with Imperium Europa doing slightly worse.

It is the first time that the party in government won the European Parliament election. The PL has won all three EP elections held since 2004.

In a tweet, PN leader Simon Busuttil said that he had called Prime Minister Joseph Muscat to congratulate him upon Labour's victory. In his own tweet, PM Muscat said that it is a humbling vote of confidence.

Labour agents celebrated victory inside the counting hall.

The uncertainty that remains now is who will the six candidates representing Malta will be, although the indications are clear on five of them. It remains to be seen whether the Labour government will obtain a fourth seat or whether the PN will win a third one. This uncertainty was highlighted in survey results published in The Malta Independent last week.

Party officials have told this portal that Labour have 3.8 quotas while the Nationalist Party has 2.8. This means that the transfer of votes will be crucial to determine from which party the sixth representative will be elected.

All boxes were open by 10am and after a two-hour standstill, the counting hall is now bussing with activity as the counting agents have started their work while party agents and candidates follow behind the perspex. Parties are expected to know the outcome within the first hour, but an official result is not expected before later today.

As expected, candidates like Alfred Sant and Roberta Metsola are already doing well. Dr Sant is earmarked to obtain more than 50,000 first preferences and Dr Metsola 30,000. David Casa should be close behind at 20,000. Miriam Dalli is expected to get around 21,000, while Labour's third seat could be a clash between Marlene Mizzi, Clint Camilleri and Joseph Cuschieri.

On the PN front, Francis Zammit Dimech is estimated to get 10,000, Ray Bugeja 9,000 and Therese Comodini Cachia 8,000.

It also seems that Gozitan voters gave many preferences to candidates who hail from this island.

Commenting on national TV, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said that the people who voted for change last year "are still with us". He said that the result is better than he was expecting and that the people have sent a clear message that the government is on the right track.

Nationalist Party deputy leader Beppe Fenech Adami earlier on TV said that the Labour Party has in all probability obtained the majority of votes.

PN secretary general Chris Said said that it is still too early to say whether the Nationalist Party obtained a third seat in the European Parliament.

The Labour Party will be holding a rally for its supporters at its headquarters at 3pm. It is urging supporters not to embark on carcades. People from various parts of Malta are reporting hearing fireworks explode to celebrate Labour's victory


The commission has said that the first count official result will not be known until midnight or thereabouts today, but parties will know long before then what the outcome will be, given the mechanism they have in place.

About 75% of those eligible to vote exercised their right on Saturday, four per cent less than the amount five years ago.




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Extremely positive result clear certificate of government’s work: Zammit Lewis

Tourism Minister Edward Zammit Lewis said that the extremely positive result is a clear certificate of the government’s first work during the first year and two months.

“It shows the electorate is satisfied with the PL’s way of doing politics,” he said.

He was speaking to this portal in reaction to Labour’s MEP elections win at the Naxxar counting hall.

However, Dr Zammit Lewis emphasised that there is no doubt that the PL must remain cautious at all times.


Minister Cardona says result predictions similar to March 2013 result

Economy Minister Chris Cardona said that the first indications showed that the PL garnered an absolute majority similar to the March 2013 election.

“This fill sour hearts due to the fact that this shows that the government has faith in the government but also in the way the prime minister is executing decisions,’  he said.

A lot done this past year - PN MEP candidate Therese Comodini Cachia

A lot has been done over the past year in opposition, PN MEP candidate Therese Comodini Cacchia told The Malta Independent.

“What’s important is to see how those elected represent the Maltese people in Europe,” she said.

Dr Cachia had just left the party agents, in order to allow them the necessary space to do their jobs. She said that she was happy with the campaign she ran and will wait for the results.

A vote of Confidence - PL MEP candidate Clint Camilleri

The result for the Labour Government has been very positive, PL MEP candidate Clint Camilleri said.

“It’s a vote of confidence in the direction the Labour Party has taken over the past year,” he added.

The PL MEP candidate mentioned that thus far it seems that he has received the majority of Gozitan votes.

Quarter of Maltese did not express wishes - Alleanza Liberali

25% of people did not express their wishes in these MEP elections, Alleanza Liberali MEP candidate Jean-Pierre Sammut said.

“This election will not change the fact that Labour are in government and the PN are in Opposition,” he added.

He stressed that the Maltese people must realise that MEP elections are not about local politics. “This shouldn’t be a game of ping-pong”.

Losing fourth seat is still a PL victory - PL MEP candidate Deborah Schembri

Losing the fourth seat would still result in a victory for the Labour Party, PL MEP candidate Deborah Schembri said.

“This is a very good result given that normally those in government do not win the MEP elections,” she added.

Dr Schembri emphasised the work done by the Labour Party since being elected to government. “Our victory reflects this,” she said. “A few candidates have been assured victory however the rest of us need to wait for the second and third counts”.

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