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Commemoration marking 100 years from Manuel Dimech’s exile

Malta Independent Saturday, 6 September 2014, 07:35 Last update: about 6 years ago

The President of Malta unveiled a commemorative plaque and laid a laurel wreath upon the sea to mark 100 years since the beginning of Manuel Dimech’s exile. His permanent banishment began on September 5, 1914, and ended with his death six and a half years later in Egypt on April 17, 1921. The commemoration was organised by Sensiela Kotba Socjalisti (SKS) which for the occasion issued a new publication, Dimech Poeta: Mill-habs ghall-ezilju (Dimech the Poet: From prison to exile), of Jessica Micallef containing an anthology with Dimech’s poems.

“Dimech’s dream did not die,” President Louise Coleiro Preca said, “And never will. The terrible price he paid with his exile, which began here a 100 years ago, left behind it a large family, a free nation, a people which is capable to saying ‘thank you’.” The President laid a laurel wreath upon the sea from a Maltese traditional dghajsa which had already been in service a 100 years ago and which is today part of the small fleet worked by the Koperattiva tal-Barklori of Senglea.

At the commemoration, which was held on the very same date, time and place of Dimech’s exile a 100 years ago, Charles Abela Mizzi read poems by Dimech, and Fr Mark Montebello gave a commemorative speech. The activity ended with a silent cortège to the centre of the Grand Harbour, and they laying of flowers as a sign of gratitude

The book Dimech Poeta: Mill-habs ghall-ezilju of Jessica Micallef is on sale at  €10 from all major bookshops.

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