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Why do we need ‘grotesque’ LNG tanker in Marsaxlokk – Labour MP Marlene Farrugia asks

Sunday, 12 October 2014, 10:59 Last update: about 11 years ago

If a reduction in business utility tariffs does not depend on the completion and functioning of the new gas plant, why do we need it?, Labour MP Marlene Farrugia said today.

Writing on Facebook following a report that the government's plans to complete the new power station at Delimara by March will not materialise - after a series of investigative reports by The Malta Independent - Dr Farrugia said that "We could have converted our existing BWSC plant to operate with gas instead of 'the cancer factory' heavy fuel oil?"

She then comes up with a list of questions directed at the government she represents in Parliament.

"Incidentally, when is the South (and Malta) getting the cleaner air? We have already fallen back on that promise, right? Is the Cable Interconnector about to be ready? When?

The grossly polluting Marsa Power Station can close down if the cable is in operation. 
The Cable connector can make up for the shortfall in supply right?
Why then are we going to ruin more of Delimara and park a grotesque LNG tanker in Marsaxlokk Bay, our beautiful, picturesque fishing village?

We were not going to pursue the gas pipeline, uniting us to European grid option because the timeframe would have precluded us from reducing the tariffs quicker and we needed to do that quickly to safeguard our fast slipping competitivity, right?

Are we rethinking our energy strategy? 
I think we should, but can we, NOW?

We need explanations as we are very baffled and the people we represent prefer frankness and transparency. That is why they voted us in."



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