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Criticism of monti relocation plans keeps mounting: European Walled Towns President 'disappointed'

Monday, 2 February 2015, 12:57 Last update: about 9 years ago

The President of European Walled Towns, Joseph Spiteri, has joined criticism of the plans to relocate the Valletta monti to Ordnance street, part of which runs between the new Parliament and the renovated Teatrju Rjal.

In a statement Mr Spiteri said: "As President of the European Walled Towns, and more so as a Maltese citizen who hails from the Capital City of Valletta, I cannot but express my great sadness and disappointment about the decision to relocate the Valletta market to Ordanance street, spilling over next to the  modern Parliament building and the renovated former royal opera house just at the elegant entrance of Valletta, designed by the world renowned architect Renzo Piano.

Although all major projects, not least the new parliament building, the renovation of the former royal opera house and the City entrance, are judged subjectively, the whole project is already a remarkable site, more so when it will soon be completed. A project that should instill National pride. A project which is already creating a lot of interest by foreigners. I have personally met and have been told by several people from various countries, who have expressed a great interest in the new city entrance project, and have also liked the whole project designed by Renzo Piano.

A striking entrance to a historic City, a World Heritage site, a City which will be the European Capital of Culture in 2018 will be ruined by this move and the shabby looking  market stalls. This will be an insult to our history,culture, and National pride and to all those who have our Capital City at their heart.

With no stretch of immagination, can anyone justify such a move for whatever reason.

I sincerely hope, that a suitable alternative will be found if the Valletta market really needs to be relocated. It will be a great shame should the Valletta market relocation, to Ordinanace street, adjacent to the new City entrance takes place as it ruins the whole concept of the City entrance project as designed by Renzo Piano."





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