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The company sells only gas and not the cylinder which remains the company’s property

Monday, 5 October 2015, 20:30 Last update: about 10 years ago

The Court pronounced itself on the ownership of gas cylinders in a judgement delivered today by Mr Justice Mark Chetcuti. The Court decided that, the cylinder in which the gas is sold, remains the property of the suppliers.

Indeed, as owner of the cylinder, the supplier - in this case Liquigas - retains the responsibility to maintain and retest the cylinders in terms of law. 

The Court ordered Easygas to stop collecting   Liquigas' green and yellow cylinders with immediate effect. Moreover, the Court decided that as a result of Easygas's actions, Liquigas had suffered damages, for which Easygas was responsible. In this regard, the Court ordered Easygas to pay damages to Liquigas, amounting to 578,715 euros plus costs, for removing from the market and using Liquigas'  green and yellow cylinders.

Liquigas said that this judgement confirms that all green and yellow cylinders belong to it. When a consumer is supplied with a cylinder, the consumer is only buying the gas contained in it, and not the cylinder itself. This is in line with legislation in Malta and in other countries in order to protect the interest of the end consumer.

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