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Abortion survivor says she has forgiven her biological mother, came to Malta with message of hope

Neil Camilleri Wednesday, 2 December 2015, 14:16 Last update: about 7 years ago

An abortion survivor who has become one of the best known anti-abortion campaigners said today that she has forgiven her biological mother for what she did and insisted that she came to Malta not to shame people but to bring a message of hope.

California-born Gianna Jessen, 39, will be taking part in a number of activities organised by Malta’s various Pro-life organisations, who are calling on the government to protect the Embryo Protection Act and not introduce embryo freezing.

Speaking upon her arrival to Malta, Ms Jessen spoke of how she has dedicated her life to those without a voice. “I come here to promote life from the moment conception. In our modern world it seems we have forgotten our values.”

Ms Jessen was born on 6 April 1977 during a failed saline abortion procedure. Her birth certificate is in fact signed by the doctor who was performing the procedure. As a result of the abortion attempt she was born with cerebral palsy. She was adopted at the age of four after spending the first years of her life in foster care.

Ms Jessen will be one of the main speakers at the Rally4Life national event in Valletta on Sunday. She will also address university students on campus on Monday at 2pm.

Life Network Malta Chairperson Miriam Sciberras said Ms Jessen’s visit to Malta was linked to the NGOs’ campaign because she spoke about the need to protect life from conception. “Each and every one of us was an embryo once, but we were lucky and were allowed to be born. We were not frozen. Our current laws safeguard life from conception. Let us not change that.”

Dr Sciberras said abortion in countries where it is allowed was not introduced suddenly “but rather gradually, after the doors were opened little by little.”

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