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‘This is not the government we voted for’ - Marlene Farrugia

Sunday, 28 February 2016, 14:22 Last update: about 7 years ago

Independent MP Marlene Farrugia slammed the government in comments posted on Facebook, saying that this is not the government we voted for.

She also said that the people will vote Prime Minister Joseph Muscat out of office as easily as he was voted into office.

Dr Farrugia’s comments come in the midst of another government scandal, where it was found that Energy and Health Minister Konrad Mizzi and the Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff Keith Schembri have both acquired companies in Panama, a country known for its financial secrecy and tax evasion.

Translated to English, she wrote:

“It will soon be three years since we voted the Labour party into power. We pushed because we genuinely believed that Malta needed a political change. Our work translated into a great victory for the labour movement, so much so that we gave the Government the strength to make the changes which were promised together with the people during the pre-electoral programme.

We had faith that the power we gave Joseph Muscat, now the Prime Minister, would translate into good and responsible governance. We expected that during this legislature, Joseph Muscat would learn not only how to be a respected politician but also of a statesman.

Although in reality, what happened till now?

With regard to the economy, we built on what was already good; however we did not do enough. With regard to energy, we sold our people’s welfare through secret and hidden contracts.  We reduced the price of electricity by 25% when the price of oil has gone down by more than half. We are paying the highest price of fuel in the EU. We the people, thanks to this Labour government, paid hundreds of millions of Euros in guarantees to private companies such as electrogas, who were supposed to have completed the new power station last year.

So we sold off our welfare to reduce the weight of the financial guarantee for Enemalta, which used to be ours, so that from behind our backs and with our money we provided a guarantee to a private company.

We placed a tanker in the Marsaxlokk bay and also left them with a cancer factory.

Disaster when it comes to the environment.

The first foreigner who asked to build at Zonqor point, ODZ seafront land, we stole it from the people to give it to friends....and then finding out that very same day the government passed along the land without the foreigners even having a university license.

And for a university is there need for seafront land?

In the meantime, the health sector has been put on the market too, and it appears to have been sold through secret contracts.

And this is what we know; who knows how much is still hidden?

In the meantime, scandals coming from Castille have not stopped.

L-Awditur Generali gabuh jitkellem wahdu. L-Ombudsman l-istess!

And then the issue of the Labour Deputy Leader for Party Affairs exploded.

Castille decided that Konrad would fill the post, so they changed the party statute. (Tellaq wahdu u hatruh) He was the only nomination and they elected him!

In the meantime we continued to realise why it was important for the government and the party become one thing:

Isloh Malta LTD

Democracy 0

The Mafia of Castille continues to reign. The Labour Party has been hijacked. The Labour movement is flabbergasted. The Parliament is a farce from the Speaker all the way down the line.

Malta ccassata bl-ardir.

But now everybody understands more clearly while Marie Louise Coleiro Preca was removed, Godfrey Farrugia removed from being Health Minister and Michael Falzon removed from the Lands department.

The best has come about in the last two days however.

A Minister of Malta and the Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff give a vote of no confidence to the Maltese financial services, and to make matters worse they place their financial trust in Panama, which has been blacklisted by the EU and known for its financial messes the world over.

I have lost faith in this government for a while, but I have faith in the people. This is not the government we voted for.

How we voted them in, we can vote them out.”

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