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Updated: PN MP to withdraw ODZ application 'out of loyalty to the PN', following PL media report

Sunday, 12 February 2017, 14:07 Last update: about 7 years ago
PN MP Tony Bezzina has said that he will withdraw his application on ODZ land in the coming days, for what he says was the restoration of historic existing structures which are currently in a dilapidated state. A story which appeared in the Kulhadd newspaper, read that MP Bezzina applied to build a villa which includes a swimming pool for him and his family at the Rabat site which is on ODZ land. The newspaper report says that the developmend would have consisted of three bedrooms, washrooms, bathrooms, a kitchen etc. The MP said in his statement that most of the Kulhadd story is not true, and that there was no application filed by his wife to construct a villa. "Despite all this, through my loyalty for the PN, I will be withdrawing the application. for the restoration of the dilapidated historical structure, He said that he understands that principles come first in politics. "This is the difference between the PN and the Castille clique led by the most corrupt government in Malta's history." The application as appears on the Planning Authority website, is for the "Rehabilitation and restoration of existing almond grove and World War II living quarters and observation room. Proposed pool and new access."  PL reaction PN MP Toni Bezzina has lied in his statement, the PL said in reaction. “First of all, he says that the application is not his and his wife’s, only to say that he will withdraw it.” “Secondly, he applied for a villa with a pool and garage among others on ODZ land. He is lying when he says that he applied solely to restore two dilapidated buildings . In truth, he wanted to destroy ODZ land for personal use.”  “He filed the application while he was writing the PN environment document with PN Leader Simon Busuttil. As is usual, there is a sea between what the PN says and what they truly believe .   “Toni Bezzina made clear that he is not withdrawing the application because he believes he did something wrong, but because he got caught.” 
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