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PN says it has lost faith in broadcasting watchdog chief; Busuttil threatens jobs - PL

Monday, 27 February 2017, 13:54 Last update: about 6 years ago

The Nationalist Party has lost faith in Tanya Borg Cardona, the chairperson of the Broadcasting Authority, PN spokesman on broadcasting Clyde Puli said today.

The declaration comes after the BA workers wrote to the Prime Minister telling him that Ms Borg Cardona’s “difficult” character “sometimes manifestst itself in intimidation and bullying with staff and management.” They say the situation has become too stressful and that Ms Borg Cardona has no idea about anything in the field of broadcasting. The workers also questioned the BA’s planned move from its Hamrun offices to rented premises in Valletta which, they say, are too small for their intended use.


Speaking in front of the BA offices in Mile End Road this afternoon, Mr Puli said the PN had questioned Ms Borg Cardona’s abilities to lead the authority when she was chosen for the role last year. “The unprecedented open letter written by the authority’s workers to the PM is the latest in a series of events which saw the authority effectiveness eroded,” he said.

The PN MP questioned the motive behind the relocation to Valletta, asking if this was being done in someone’s personal interest. The PN, he said, has also given up on filing complaints with the BA. He noted how the PN had been given the right to react to a talk show featuring only Konrad Mizzi but was told by the BA that it could not refer to Panama Papers in its reply.

“All these episodes show that Ms Borg Cardona is not competent to lead the broadcasting authority watchdog.”

PN candidate Ivan Bartolo said the Labour Party had promised the electorate a say on certain public appointments but the government had steered in the other direction post-election. He said the government had eroded the people’s trust in the police force, the army and PBS and the story was now repeating itself at the Broadcasting Authority.

Mr Bartolo noted that PN Leader Simon Busuttil was promising that high level postings should be approved by a two thirds parliamentary majority. 


Busuttil threatens jobs - PL  

Reacting, the Labour Party said PN Leader Simon Busuttil wanted to sack everyone. Today he said he would sack the BA Chairperson without notice.

The PL said Dr Busuttil had lost faith in the poolice, the army, PBS journalists, Enemalta, Planning Authority an Environment, Resources Authority workers and hospital workers, foreign and local investors and now the BA.

“One cannot blame workers for asking who will be next to get sacked under Busuttil. Everyone’s future is threatened if the Opposition Leader comes to power. That is why people will not turn the clock back,” the PL said.


The party said that, on the other hand, Dr Busuttil was holding on to people like Toni Bezzina, Beppe Fenech Adami, Tonio Fenech, George Pullicino and Jason Azzopardi.

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