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'Government is turning this country into a brothel' – PN Whip David Agius

Wednesday, 1 March 2017, 18:58 Last update: about 7 years ago

PN Whip David Agius said this evening said that government is turning this country into a brothel.

He was speaking during a Parliamentary debate on the budgetary estimates, and said that one scandal after another results in PN MPs unable to speak about the issues at hand in Parliament, as the MPs cannot, morally, not bring up such scandals.

He brought up the recent case of Jimmy Magro, where the commission against corruption's report said that it morally convinced that in his capacity as a part-time special advisor to the Association of Local Councils, Jimmy Magro had requested payment whilst the tendering process for compost machinery was still open. Mr Magro is a former PL Secretary General.


"I would like to know government's reaction to this, with him basically being found to have taken a 10% cut. Is this why contracts are kept hidden, is there a 10% cut? Is this why they are redacted? I am sorry to say that we have a serious man like Finance Minister Edward Scicluna whose friends cause him so many problems. Whoever remains silent is an accomplice. Just like in the case of Minister Konrad Mizzi and OPM chief of Staff Keith Schembri who opened Panama Accounts, which should be investigated. You are turning this country into a brothel."

The PN Whip also mentioned the recent allegations of two government politicians interfering in a case revolving around drugs in Gozo.  He said that the terms of reference of the inquiry are not yet known, nor is the deadline date. "Why does government do everything to create doubts? Even in this inquiry?"

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