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Court hears how Yana Mintoff’s former partner had four stab wounds

Thursday, 4 May 2017, 17:34 Last update: about 6 years ago

This morning, a doctor could be heard telling the court houw the former partner of Yana Mintoff Bland had four stab wounds when he was admitted to hospital.

Last October, Ms Mintoff made headlines when it was reported that she and her son had been rushed to hospital after they were attacked with a knife in what seems to have been a domestic argument.

Gheorghe Popa, 39 from Romania, is charged with stabbing Ms Mintoff and her son, as well as setting the Mintoff family home on fire.


Mr Popa was present in court, being assisted by two interpreters, as he observed the duty doctor at Mater Dei on the day of the attack take the witness stand. The doctor, Chris Giordmaina, spoke of 25 October 2016, when he had examined Mr Popa. He explained that it was difficult to identify the accused because of the medical intervention taking place which partially covered his face. He said that Mr Popa was clearly in a lot of pain and in a state of shock. It was explained that he had been suffering from four stab wounds and low blood pressure due to the massive loss of blood.

Magistrate Joseph Mifsud, presiding over the case, was next informed of the outcome on the medical intervention performed on Dr Mintoff Bland. It was said that she suffered a stab wound on the anterior left chest, but that there was no penetration of the body cavity.

The court will be conducting an onsite investigation at the Mintoff family home where Mr Popa is accused of stabbing his former partner and son. Inspector Spiridione Zammit prosecuted, while lawyer Benjamin Valenzia was defence to the accused. Lawyer Joseph Giglio represented the Mintoffs as parte civile.

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