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Updated: University debate to take place on Wednesday; PD says PL tried 'to silence us'

Sunday, 14 May 2017, 10:09 Last update: about 8 years ago

The debate between the political parties and leaders at the university, one of the highlights of an election campaign will now be held at 1pm on Wednesday, a meeting of representatives has just decided.

Originally, the debate was going to be held on Tuesday but Prime Minister Muscat sent a message he could not make it because of a State visit by the Ukrainian president.

Representatives of all parties attended this morning's meeting, except for AD who were contacted by phone.


In the debate, the Labour party, Nationalist party, as well as smaller parties like Partit Demokratiku and Alternattiva Demokratika - will have equal time.

The Malta Debating Union explained that only registered students will be allowed into the debating hall. The event will, however, be live streamed. 
The first part of the debate will see the moderator ask questions, the second part will see questions by students collected prior to the debate asked, and the third part of the debate will see some questions from social media taken and asked to the leaders, while leaders will also take questions from those students present.

While the registration limit was reached, a few students accidentally applied more than once so a few seats are still available, however information regarding registration will be made available on the event page.

Professor Mario Vassallo said that the debate will centre around the lives of students and their futures.

PD statement

In a statement following the negotiations, the PD said that it is dismayed at the attempt made by PL "to silence us by using the excuse that PN and PD are one and the same party. Contesting on the same list, working on the same manifesto doesn't make us the same party. We are joining forces in order to be able to give the electorate a credible alternative government since the system is designed at hindering small parties and does not allow the situation to be any different."


"PD looks forward to the opportunity to be able to debate the other parties, given that we've been excluded from other fora. We also look forward to listen and answer student concerns."


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