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Tony Zarb blames Down Syndrome meme on PN’s ‘campaign of hate’

Gabriel Schembri Monday, 29 May 2017, 12:56 Last update: about 5 years ago

Former secretary general of the General Workers Union, Tony Zarb said that the meme which was spreading in the social media, of Joseph Muscat's face replaced by that of a child with Down Syndrome, is symptomatic of the hatred being spread by the PN leader Simon Busuttil.

Addressing the Ghaqda Veterani Laburisti at the GWU headquarters in Valletta, Mr Zarb pointed out that just recently, he went for a medical examination at the hospital and told the doctor he can take anything, as long as he can live to vote on 3 June.


"I am one of those people who is very scared of the hospital. The night before I could not sleep because I was so worried that the doctors would tell me I had something serious.  I was prepared to ask the doctor, whether I would make to 3 June", he said while the elderly crowd clapped as hard as they could.

Tony Zarb, visibly exhausted, took to the stage before Prime Minister Joseph Muscat at the rally organised this morning.

"This is all fruit of the hate you are spreading," he told Simon Busuttil when he referred to the offensive billboard.

"Like all of you before me, I will choose Joseph Muscat. Simon Busuttil is a coward. He says he wants to clean up Malta's reputation. It was him who tarnished our reputation in the first place."

Speaking after Mr Zarb, Joseph Muscat asked the elderly whether their families are doing better under this government. "Do you get lower utility bills? Do you foresee a better future for your families?" he asked while the crowd cheered.

"Who do you trust with leading a government? Joseph Muscat or Simon Busuttil?" he insisted.

"I am filled with courage and not afraid to face judgement. Should you choose me, I will lead the country with more energy than ever."

Dr Muscat encouraged the crowd before him to vote as early as possible, so that they can then encourage other people to go out and vote. 

Photos by Michael Camilleri and Joe Camenzuli

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