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Survey shows only 20% of migrants landing in Italy, Greece and Malta are economic refugees

Wednesday, 12 July 2017, 10:36 Last update: about 6 years ago

A survey carried out by the University of Middlesex, and reported in the Corriere della Sera, shows that only 20 per cent of the migrants who land in Italy, Greece and Malta are economic refugees.

The remaining 80% escape their country because of war, persecution and general violence, the survey shows.

Several international institutions who are involved in dealing with migrants took part in the survey, with 1,000 people being interviewed.


It was noted that the number of women and men are more or less the same, although the number of women is slightly higher in Greece.

The survey shows that many migrants who leave from sub-Saharan countries believe that their final destination would be Libya, where they are convinced that they could find work. Many were unaware of the political situation in Libya, and it was only when they arrived there that they realise that they must leave to another country.

Among the interviewees were a group of young people from Bangladesh who were enslaved upon their arrival in Tripoli.

The survey noted that whereas in Italy migrants enjoy more freedom and can be found across the whole peninsula, the situation in Greece and Malta is better contained, with migrants being kept in groups. It was however reported that migrants find a job in the black economy quite easily in all three nations.

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