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Adrian Delia says PN must once again become the natural party for the self-employed

Saturday, 29 July 2017, 11:46 Last update: about 5 years ago

The PN must once again become the natural home for the self-employed, Adrian Delia, a candidate for the post of PN Leader said.

He was addressing journalists in Valletta, and announced his proposals for the self-employed sector.

Delia said that the PL has become more friendly to this sector after its time in opposition. "Now it is our turn to again find what had made us the party that creates of opportunities, the party that brought the PN into the EU as we believed in a free market."


He said that the PN must prove its good intentions towards this sector.

If elected PN Leader, he said that he will ask the stakeholders of this sector to help the PN make a plan so that the PN can create a business clinic - a one-stop-shop - to help self-employed persons who have difficulties to move forward. "We will start offering help while in opposition and when we are elected to govern, we will create an agency with this specific aim."

He also wants to create an 'Access Point' for self-employed persons who need access to more advice as to how to take soft loans, to be tax compliant, and other technical things.

"Together with business associations we want to identify the problems and give voice against those who are suffocating just competition by not honouring their obligations."

He also proposed a 'Data Bank', where those who want to be kept up to date about opportunities and changes in legal framework when it comes to business will have direct access to this information, and would have the opportunity to have it explained to them in plain language.

He also mentioned the need for a programme to help individuals who want to start their own business, and provide help for the creation of start-ups.

Delia mentioned the creation of a concept where professionals and businessmen can contribute, voluntarily, a number of free hours to the party, which can then be used to assist SMEs and self-employed persons.

Delia also spoke about opening PN clubs to also serve as offices so that self-employed can be helped within the locality.


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